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Super proud of how far this lovely client of mine has come.

It hasn’t been easy, there have been good weeks, there have also been bad weeks! Life throws things at us that sometimes get in the way…we may not achieve things as fast as we want to, but if we dust ourselves off, pick ourselves back up, we get to where we need in the end!

⭐️This lady has lost 2.8 stone since she started, averaging a loss of around 1.3 lbs per week.
⭐️She has reduced her BMI significantly dropping into a lower category reducing her risk of many health conditions including diabetes and heart disease!
⭐️16cm lost from the hips; 14.5cm lost from the waist…her neck measurement has even reduced by 3.5cm!
⭐️Body fat reduced by over 10%! Whilst lean tissue increases and more muscle means you burn more calories at rest!

My client’s fat loss is gradual and sustainable meaning that her body shape is changing without resulting in excess skin from dramatic weight loss or loss of lean tissue.

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