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Look at these amazing results from one of my circuit class clients over the last year!

After having 3 children, Jeana was struggling to find the time to be able to focus on herself and lose the excess baby weight she had gained through her pregnancies.

Last year she joined my circuit class and booked a block of PT sessions to set her on her way and she has literally not looked back! Jeana kitted herself out with a few bits of equipment for home and found a way to fit in her workouts whilst still looking after 3 children, working and running a tip top household (I think she is the only person I know who can wash, dry, iron and put clothes away all in the same day 😂)

But she found a way to prioritise some time for herself because ultimately 30 minutes a day is all it takes to make those changes. And yes sometimes you may have to pop CBeebies on for your little one whilst you get your workout in but in the long run you are improving your health for not just your own sake but the sake of your children! Some days it’s easier than others, but you stay consistent, persevere and those results will always happen!

I’m really proud of how far Jeana has come and to give all credit it to her she is 100% self motivated to achieve her goals (which believe it or not can sometimes be the biggest job being a PT), she is one of my most loyal circuit class clients and NEVER misses! She hasn’t shouted from the rooftops what she’s going to do, she’s just got on and done it – and I think her results are bloody amazing!

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