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Take a look at Hannah’s transformation over the last year.

This lady has done amazing and I am unbelievably proud of the progression made not just visually but in her training performance, strength & fitness.

Here’s what Hannah says on her journey over the last year; tracking calories and her change of mindset:

“I started training a year ago. My journey and my weightloss over the last year has been hard but so rewarding and I am now in a place with my weight and my fitness where I have never ever been.

One of the main tools that has helped me to achieve what I have is tracking my food. I have a calorie goal which is set to allow me to achieve a 1 pound a week weightloss.

At first it took me a while to get used to the app and how it worked and to remember to track things, but as time has gone on it has become second nature to me.

You can save meals and recipes so that you dont have to input everything each time which is really helpful.

I am able to make wiser food choices as I am a lot more aware of the calories in foods.

Tracking is now part of my everyday life and I dont think I will ever stop.

Over the course of my life I have tried every diet going and have lost little bits of weight here and there but I never maintained the losses and never changed the way I think about food and exercise and prior to this year became the biggest/heaviest that I have ever been.

Doing these ‘diets’ I have never learned about the importace of calorie deficits and macros. Tracking food and working with the support of Adele my mindset has changed and I am now more aware of how weightloss works and how to maintain this.

I have now found a love for exercise and my body which I never thought I would and for that I will be forever grateful to Adele for her support and encouragement.”

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