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This lady has absolutely smashed it since she joined with me and especially over the last 6 weeks on the #realtpt6weekchallenge

The first picture shows Emma at the end of January when she started compared to now. Emma is naturally very strong and muscular so she was never going to move a huge amount on the scales, we needed to cut down Emma’s body fat to start with in order to push forward with her strength and endurance training and reach her desired goals.

Over the last 6 weeks, Emma has stuck to the calorie deficit that I set her (despite having weekend plans), and has done more exercise outside of her personal training sessions.

3.2kg of fat lost just in the last 6 weeks alone and 13.5cm lost in measurements.

The second picture shows Emma’s progression over the last 6 weeks – week by week – you can see the transformation 👌

Emma has 2 sessions a week with me, we do a total body resistance session where she works on her muscular strength and endurance and then a session more geared towards improving her cardiovascular fitness but also resistance focused. Now that Emma has reached her body fat % goal, we will be structuring the workouts into lower body and upper body split routines with minimal cardio work.

We will also be taking Emma gradually back up to maintenance calories now that she has a structured routine in place to accommodate the additional calories.

I’m super pleased with the progress Emma has made and I think she just looks amazing!

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