First thoughts to online PT were always going to be sceptical. I’m unfit and putting weight on, how can this motivate me and keep me engaged..how it proved my scepticism wrong.
The app was easy to follow and easy to use. All the workouts and daily planning explained in a way that’s not overwhelming or scary to the non-gym goer.. to be able to log on at a time that suits me and be able to work out from the comfort of my own home is fabulous and just knowing that each day I’m tracking myself and checking my weekly targets set by Adele helps keep everything in line. Weekly goals, tasks and coaching as well as regular feedback gave me the right encouragement to keep going, even on a “bad day” and results speak for themselves, no fad diet, no quick fix, a great way to kickstart a life style or change guided by someone who knows what they’re doing.
Can’t wait to now continue and see what’s in store with my personalised program 💪🏼

Gemma Emery

I have now been using Adele’s online App for 3 months and I find it easy to follow and informative, the exercises change regularly so you don’t get bored.
Reporting progress and recording activity is motivating and encourages the discipline I need to stick with it.
Having previously tried other fitness/weight loss programs, I can say this is the most effective for me.
Adele is encouraging and supportive and I cannot recommend her and the online programme enough.

Jayne Trout

Adele is absolutely amazing!! Knowledgeable, friendly and very inspiring! Her online app is also fantastic, would not train with anyone else, this lady knows her stuff and is the best motivating PT!

Stacey Brockman

Firstly I’d like to say I can not recommend Adele enough, I’m a different person since she’s been my personal trainer – not only physically but mentally too! Before I began going to Adele I struggled to gain any muscle, I wasn’t very motivated and would always try keep my calorie intake low but Adele has made me realise you need to fuel your training properly to reveal the benefits!

I love the new me and never thought I could change my body by eating more! Adele has shown me what excercises to do to ensure I work the areas I’m keen to change, ensuring it’s done correctly and safely! Adele has made my sessions fun and interesting but also very challenging too! If I didn’t have Adele I would easily fall off the training plan but she’s always motivating and encouraging on weeks I feel like giving in – the variety of plans she provides also keeps me engaged!

I would highly recommend Adele to anyone wishing to change not only their body but their lifestyle too!! She’s amazing, friendly and very encouraging!

Leanne Limbert

Best PT sessions ever. Adele will get you the body you’ve always wanted but trust me she will make you work for it and you will love it. Hard work but lots of fun and interesting exercises, you will never be bored. 5 star trainer.

Freda Bathgate

I can not recommend Adele at Real Personal Training enough (and I’ve been doing it a lot). I started at her first ever circuit training class and knew from that one that I was hooked and booked in for some PT sessions too. I haven’t missed one circuit session (I even swapped a hair appointment to still make it!) and I look forward to them so much. My favourite ever exercise class and perfect for all abilities. I think I’ve done 5 and the difference from my first one is amazing. Adele really knows her stuff and shows everyone how to do each exercise properly which means you get the most out of it. In my 4 weeks of PT sessions (1 a week) I have lost 7.7lb of fat and 14.6cm. For anyone contemplating starting exersize or starting again id say contact Adele and you will not regret it, you will only wish you had done it sooner. I can’t thank Adele enough for starting me back on to fitness and more importantly, enjoying it and looking forward to it!

Jeana Pennington

Absolutely fantastic class and trainer – first rate – wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adele x

Stephanie Pollard

If you want a trainer, who listens to what you want to achieve, who will design a programme just for you, so it’s good for you, will help you reach your target and will challenge you. A trainer who will push you so you get better, fitter, stronger every session, then Adele is the one for you. She inspires trust and confidence in every session, she listens and asks for feedback every session and most importantly acts on it. I’m loving my course and have already decided to book another set with Adele as I know I can go further thanks to her support.

Freda Bathgate

Adele is great. Just 4 weeks in and she’s helping me achieve my goals in a fantastic way. She is challenging and motivational, I always feel great after a session with her. We’ve a long way to go until I achieve what we’ve set out to but I believe she’s the right person to help me. I’m so pleased I made this step forward towards improving my health and fitness.

Suzanne Clancy

After having my first session with Adele yesterday as part of the ‘mummy programme’ I can’t wait to see the results over the next few weeks. The flexibility that Adele offers around my children and the fact that I can take my baby with me to work outs has been a god send! I can’t recommend Real Personal Training enough!

Natalia Edwards

I had support from Adele to get back into fitness after ….a while. She set me up with a realistic full body work out with plenty of options to advance when I felt ready. After a few months of hard work I’m really starting to see results. I feel leaner and stronger and more confident trying new things in the gym now that I have good understanding of technique and posture.

Rachel Elizabeth Milner

Absolutely love it! Such a good work out! Would definitely recommend!

Agnes Sein

I started with Adele at 7 months postpartum following a loss of 4stone, in a hope to loose the last bit of baby weight and tone up. Having had gym memberships prior to my pregnancy, Adele’s studio setup really appealed to me as I always felt really intimidated in a big gym environment. I’m now just over 4 weeks into my programme and I’m already noticing results, especially around my obliques. Adele made me feel comfortable an capable from the get go, and the programme she has designed for me is challenging yet enjoyable – I can’t wait to see how I continue to progress!

Helena R Wells

She’s brilliant at what she does and makes you work hard, would definitely recommend her. Classes are fab you should come along and see for yourself.

Johanne Egan

Brilliant trainer, really cares about you. explains and shows everything until you understand. circuit training is hard work but it’s made good fun! thanks Adele

Gemma Louise Piper

After gaining 4 stone during pregnancy and with a family holiday approaching I knew I needed to take action. I started with Adele 12 weeks post partum, once I had given my body time to recover. Adele created me a 30min home-workout routine that I could easily fit in and do at home. The workouts eased me back into exercise gently and I started to see results in my physical appearance and improvements in my strength and fitness. Adele was always on hand for advice and support whenever I needed it. This lady knows her stuff and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a passionate personal trainer. I wouldn’t of achieved my goal without her!

Laura Jackson

My new weekly work out

Lorna Marie Lythe

I cannot recommend Adele enough. I rocked up after Christmas looking like a barrel thinking I can never do these exercises. Nearly 12 weeks in and I can do them, some easier than others!

I would not have been able to do this without Adele’s support and encouragement. She really wants me to do well and succeed in hitting my goals.

Adele is also a really lovely person and we chat away during my sessions which makes them go faster.

The Thursday circuit is also fabulous and changed every four weeks so it gives you time to see your improvements over the four weeks but also you don’t get chance to get bored of the routine.

Highly recommend

Michelle Mangan

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